Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In the shop: The greenhouse trailer, and we have walls

Got my supplies for the next step and have moved the trailer around to where I
can work off of the parking pad beside the barn. The brownish patch on the
ground just beyond the far corner of the trailer is where the pile of cedar
chips was before I spread them around the side of the small barn. You can see
one of the scares of a branch coming down on the tree just to the left
of upper center. My 14" chainsaw was just barely long enough to reach
all the way across when I climbed up into the raised bucket of the tractor and
cut the broken stub off the tree, but I sure didn't want to drag my
24" chainsaw up that high in air then hang onto it as I balanced
in the loader bucket while making the cut!

The corner and door 4x4 posts have been notched to fit over the skirt boards
and the top-plates installed.
I screwed everything in place with some stainless steel screws. These screws are
a bit softer than plain or galvanized and shouldn't be used in shear but the
the way I have designed and cut the pieces the screws are only in tension
and they won't leave any stains over time.

The studs all cut to length and notched to fit over the skirt boards.
The length of the studs was determined by the 4' width of the wire fencing
I will be wrapping around the sides to keep critters out. The distance between
the top of the skirt board and the bottom of the top-plate is 45", leaving an
inch and a half overlap of the fencing both on top and on the bottom.
The tongue is cut 2" shorter than the skirting boards are high which will keep
the bottoms up off the deck for easier sweeping. I also clipped the corner
of each tongue off at an angle to reduce sharp edges.  

The studs are in and the door header has been installed

Here you can see how the header has been notched to accept the roof rafters.
That lag bolt holding the header in place is 10" long. A bit of overkill
to say the least, but it's what I had on hand.
In this view you can see how the base of each stud is up clear of the deck.

And here you can see how I notched the door posts to take the end of the
top-plate and keep it secure over time as the wood shrinks and shifts.
Next step, the roof.

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