Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Maintenance: Ice storm aftermath

What a difference a few days makes! Last Tuesday we were coated in ice but now it's beginning to look like that was winter's last gasp around here. Today it's sunny and creeping up on 80 degrees and it looks like every turtle in the pond has climbed out to get a sun tan.

Yes, we have turtles and when you have turtles you don't have fish. Actually we do have fish, briefly. The eggs come in on the feet of the shore and water birds, but as soon as they get to be bite sized they - well - get bit!

Last Thursday it took about three hours with the chain-saw and wood chipper to turn the mess just outside our door into a 5' pile of cedar chips. I'm pretty sure the wood chipper keeps some of what I feed it for itself because it sure does take a lot of branches to make a disappointingly small pile of chips! Once that was cleaned up I spent a few more hours clearing downed trees off the fence towards the back of the property and re-wiring barbed wire back up on the posts before the neighbors rescue horses and donkey got into the woods at the back of our place. These things are unpredictable and can kick the living hell out of a stock trailer. Get them into the thick woods and they just get freaky, then it's a mess getting things sorted out again.

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