Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birdwatching: Sandpipers, Herons, and Wrens; Oh my!

Sandpiper video

Spotted Sandpiper in winter plumage (No spots.)

This little guy, a Spotted Sandpiper in winter plumage, was down in the pond when I went to throw some wood scraps on the burn pile. He/she stood there, chattered away and pretty much ignored me, and was still there after I walked back up to the barn to get my camera. I was at full zoom when I took the video so the little microphone on the camera was pretty taxed trying to pick up his call.

Great Blue Heron

This Great Blue Heron is also a frequent visitor to the pond, though he is much more skittish than the Sandpiper and I usually see him as he floats over the trees on his way out because I've disturbed him.

Carolina Wren

The Carolina Wren was also a recent visitor to the feeder. Though these birds are year-round residents of our area sightings are infrequent.

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