Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In the shop: The greenhouse trailer: roof and door

I managed to get the roof structure on in between rain showers. The observant
will notice that I turned the door header around 180 degrees. This was to adjust
the end rafter spacing back to the 24 inches it's supposed to be. I lifted the ridge
beam a couple inches above the rafter ends in order to gain just a little more head-
room and to add a little detail to the peak.

Here I've got the roof-blocking installed between the rafters and the walls wrapped with
4' high fencing held in place with strapping.
The strapping dresses things up nicely and will give me a place to hang plastic
panels if I want to close it in completely during the winter. I also added blocking
around the gable end openings to simplify installing plastic panels there too.
Obviously I've also got the doors built and hung.

The door framing is all half-lapped which should provide plenty of
rigidity. Each door is just under 24" wide and I'm hoping will not need
any diagonal bracing to stay square. The right-hand door latches with a
standard gate latch
And the left-hand door is held in place with a spring
loaded foot-bolt. The hole for the foot-bolt is drilled
all the way through the decking so debris won't collect
in it.

Now I just need to go through my stack of left over sheets of corrugated
polycarbonate to see how much more I need to buy to close in the roof. After
that I'll add gutters to divert the rainwater into a tank we already have.
Since all the remaining work will be done from the outside I think I'll move the
greenhouse (Right now I can't open the doors all the way because they run into the side
of the parking pad.) and start loading it with some of the plants we've already got going.

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