Monday, March 31, 2014

In the shop: The greenhouse trailer, wrap-up

OK, other than some sort of guttering to channel rainwater into a storage container, I've wrapped up the greenhouse trailer.

We drug the utility trailer to town with us a few days ago and bought supplies for 4 or 5 different projects, including the roofing material for the greenhouse.

Running to town is at least a half-day affair but I still managed to get the roof done that afternoon.

You can also see in the second photo that I went ahead and installed fencing in the gable ends that I originally left open. I should have known better than to expect to get away with that. Cats just can't stand for anyone to have something of their own and they'll go to great lengths, including climbing the fenced walls, to sit on it, dig in it, pee on it, shit in it, or spray all over it (Even after neutering!) I came out one morning to find footprints in most the boxes, some trampled plants in a few of them and one completely tore up since it was used as a litter box. . .

This project ended up costing about $625 in materials. (I'm not counting the cost of the trailer and a few other miscellaneous items we already had.) That's about half the cost of the cheapest 10x10 greenhouse kit I could find on the market, and the kit wouldn't be mobile.

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