Sunday, April 27, 2014

The travel trailer returns

Well the travel trailer made it back here to the property yesterday. Not without some drama but it's here.

This is the first time in something like 4 or 5 years it's been moved and apparently just in time since the campground it has been parked in was just sold and I'm not entirely sure it will stay a campground.

It arrived behind an F350 dully that I'm sure cost almost as much as my whole class-B motorhome. Taking over behind the wheel, I got it backed into the slightly tricky spot. (There's a big drop-off slightly less than a van length away out in front of the concrete pad.) One of those pieces of strapping laid out on the pad to guide me into the proper place with enough clearance to open the slide-out ended up just under the edge of the trailer tires so is just going to have to stay there until we move it again.

Now I should probably be out there getting the stabilizing jacks set, the slide-out slid out, the electric/water/sewer hooked up, the porch assembled, the fridge and water heater fired up and all that good stuff, but I just can't seem to get motivated. What the hell! I'm retired and there's always tomorrow.

I've always thought a travel trailer, especially the bumper-pulls, is a labor intensive way to travel, what with all the hitching and unhitching and jacking and stabilizing that goes with them. Sure am grateful I'm comfortable in my little van which requires all of 2 minutes worth of setup effort once I turn the key off, and it only takes that long if I drop one of the window shades as I'm putting it in place.


  1. Good info on a trailer, labor intensive.

    1. It's all relative of course and travel trailers are perfectly workable, but when my aging parents gave up their Class C & toad for a travel trailer & full sized pickup 'because it's easier', I didn't quite get their logic. . .