Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Critters in the garden!

Actually we have several gardens. One is the eatin' garden and the only critters that can get in there are small ones. The garden I'm talking about today is the one outside our back door.

It's nothing very fancy but I could have at least put the hose away before taking this photo!


This poor turtle was abandoned underneath my father-in-law's travel trailer for many years before being rediscovered this spring. Hopefully he likes it better here perched just above the water container.


The glass lady nestled there beneath the palm-fronds used to sit in a little arched nook just inside the front door to my grandmother's house, a house my grandfather and father, a boy still in school back then, built themselves with hand tools. She used to sit in a bowl of water and cut flowers would be inserted into the holes in her base.

I haven't been as kind to her and she's been sitting out in the weather for many years now, so many the top of her head is etched from the effects, but I don't think she minds.

This little pig lost his tail some time ago but I don't think that's much of an excuse for him letting the seeds from the bird feeder lay there and sprout right in front of his nose like that!!


I'm not sure where Sol came from but he seems at home stabbed into the dirt there in the roses.


And since the roses are showing signs of blooming soon I guess they're all getting along.

The ornamental cabbage experiment continues. I'm keeping an eye on the long, thin seeds that have replaced the spent flowers with the hopes of harvesting a few of them to see if they'll start new cabbages.

One of these days I'll get a water feature of some sort put together and hook up the little pipe that terminates in this guy's mouth, but for now he frolics without the water.

This guy usually hangs out around the cactus but they are a bit sickly right now and waiting on me to tend to them. In the mean time the lizard has decided to frequent another part of the neighborhood.

This guy is another refugee from the travel trailer. For a long time a little solar panel attached to his butt  provided power which he used to light up the tiny porch, but the sun finally killed his lighty bits and now he seems content to hang out near the water container.
And not to be left out, as I was photographing the other critters in the garden this dung beetle insisted I capture his handsome face and armored day-wear as well.

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