Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Last Monday marked the beginning of my third year of retirement. 730 days of retirement behind me, no telling how many ahead of me. (And I did that math in my head! The other day I was laying in bed waiting for the sun to rise and panicking because I couldn't remember how to divide 15 by 26 in my head. [The number of gallons I put into the van at the last fill-up by the number of gallons the tank will hold.] Eventually I worked it out but have resolved to do more math in my head from now on!) That Monday morning, instead of math I was mentally running through my need-to-do list. It went something like this:

*Log into all the financial accounts, check the transactions and record the balances. (Every Monday)
*Run a backup on my laptop files (Every Monday)
*Check in with the blogs I follow while the backup runs. (Can't have any of my files open during the backup or they will be skipped so checking blogs is not wasting time!!)
*Do the monthly chores (Around the first of every month.) such as recording the well meter reading, checking all the tire pressures, lubing the gate, cleaning the ceiling fan, etc. (The list is long and all told it takes about 5 hours for these chores. That's worth a whole post in itself.)
*Install an otherwise finished project in the small barn
*Get a coat of primer on a different project that's been sitting on my bench for 5 days now
*Put a finish coat of paint on the same project
*Assemble and install the painted project
*Cut steel for the trailer porch
*Weld up the trailer porch steel
*Make a run to the city with the van to stock up on consumables for the summer (Paper towels, trash bags, etc. since we would rather not deal with the city and crowded warehouse stores in the heat of the summer.)
*Go visit a friend of mine to consult on a $5000 custom wood & glass coffee table commission
*Re-pot and salvage what I can of the cactus that got hit hard by the frosts of this winter

Plus the usual laundry, grocery shopping, gardening, cooking, etc.


What retirement??

No wonder I'm two months behind on my magazines!

Sure am glad I don't have to show up at a job every day - Oh wait - maybe I do.  .  .

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