Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Sayin': Dude! Way to go!

I was just sitting here reading my latest issue of Woodturning Design magazine (I know, I know; how geeksville can you get?!!) and came across an article about Michael Blankenship.

Michael took up woodturning about 10 years ago by listening to woodturning DVD's to teach himself the art. He continues learning as a member of  two different woodturning organizations, one of which he serves as the librarian of visual aids.

So what's the big deal? He turns beautiful bowls, boxes, vessels and finial-ed ornaments, but then there are a lot of wood-turners out there doing pretty much the same thing aren't there.

The thing is, Michael decided to become a wood-turner only after he went blind!

Oh - and he says proper lighting is over-rated; blind people and superglue do not get along together; and could someone help him find the bowl that just flew off the lathe??

If I'm ever faced with a challenge like that I hope I have the guts and drive he does to get up out of my chair and move on with life!!!

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