Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jewelry Box 2.0

I'd barely gotten the sawdust from the first jewelry box swept up when a request for a second one came in.

Two people in the house; give just one of them a fancy box; silly me; what did I expect?!!

No problem, the request was for a second box just like the first, and I'd already built one of those so I had all the drawings done and techniques worked out.

So it wasn't long before I had the basic parts milled up and ready for assembly.

With the trays assembled it was time to take my assortment of rings and start laying out and fitting the rails

Then I put a finish on all the bits and pieces.

Once that had cured well I spent a few days gluing, first the felt, then the rails, into place

And it was ready for shipping.

Though the two jewelry boxes are clearly related (see finished photos of the first one here) I wanted each to have it's own personality so I changed up some of the details, such as the color of the felt, the pattern of the inlay in the sides of the two upper trays and the lamination pattern in the rails of the bottom tray.

I also added a thin band of inlay to the inside of the lower tray's sides, just because.

Another request was that a chunk of raw Cedar accompany the new jewelry box because - well - somebody apparently likes the smell. . . I threw the carving in on my own so the block wouldn't look
so - well - yeah - so blockey.

After finishing that first jewelry box there were two aspects of it that I wasn't thrilled with.

One was the quality of the felt I used, so this time I used a different felt that I think is of better quality.

The second was the way I 'keyed' the upper trays to the lower trays. This time I milled two of the sides of each of the upper trays oversize so that there was enough extra material to cut notches into the ends for the key-ways. 

All in all, I'm happier with this jewelry box than I was with the first,

but if I had just . . . . Nope! not going to go there. . .

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