Saturday, September 20, 2014

'shrooms anyone??

I looked out across the field this morning and thought we had some trash laying out there, maybe a paper towel that got loose and was blowing around, but when I went out to pick it up I found this instead.

Nope, not Frisbee's, not paper plates, not even wheels off a child's wagon; but mushrooms.

Since my last post about the Evening Star Rain Lilly's we've added another 2.5" of rain and have far exceeded the 100 year average for September, which is a really good thing when you're in a 7 year drought. In fact for this year so far we are 5 inches ahead of the average and the last time we were on the good side of that average was 2009.

For right now, the last of that rain fell about 24 hours ago and since then it's been warm and humid, just what these guys live for.

They're so big I was able to get this photo of the underside with my relatively large Cannon SX50 without disturbing them.

Just so you know, not being a 'shroom guy, and having a reasonable sense of self-preservation, I left these specimens alone rather than risk a pharmacological disaster.

So they're still out there doing their mushroomy thing.

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