Tuesday, May 13, 2014

7.42" of the good stuff!

That's right, between sundown and sunup 7.42" of rain landed on our heads!

Our poor old rain gauge is - well, old, and the plastic is crazed with age but if you look close you can see the central tube filled with one inch of rain and the overflow tube holding a whole bunch more, 6.42" more to be exact. (You dump the central tube then file it up, one inch at a time, from the overflow tube to get an accurate measurement.)

Last time we had a single rainfall of this magnitude was April of 2009 when we had 12" in a single day and 16" for the month!

Now you might not think a good rainfall is blog-worthy but for the last 3 out of 4 years we have been behind in rainfall; almost a whole year's worth of rain behind. The April long term average is 3 inches, we got less than 1 for the month this year.

There hasn't been this much water in the pond in years. In fact I was photographing a dried up mud-hole here a couple years ago. Today, another 18 inches and it would be running over the spillway!

And there's more headed for the pond. It's been 6 hours since the rain stopped and this is supposed to be a walkway, not a stream. . .

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